• Second time around

    Second time around

    It might be better not to start this blog with another apology because I have chosen to believe things happen when they must, not always when they "should" or when you think they have to. This belief of no coincidence has been circling around in my life, and sometimes it comes out. "Luckily", when I least expect it to, and I guess it is to remind me of the irony. Having said this, I am late, and I apologize. hahaha. ...

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  • Coming full Circle

    Coming full Circle

    Hello! Hola todos los que toman un poco de tiempo y leen este post. (hello to all of you that take some time and read this blog) First of all I apologize for posting late. I was in Colombia for most of August and getting back home has been a little hectic.... I am not one to use clichés, but when they happen, I have to stop, and acknowledge their presence...having said this: Time flies when you are having fun!...

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