Heritage - Colombian - Filigree

What is Flor de Karonka

The name came about after years of hesitation and wandering. It is the notion that flowers can grow in arid soils if you put enough energy and love into it. Flor de Karonka is the creation of unique accessories that mix different materials. My pieces are worn by daring men and women who know what they want and are unafraid to show it. 

This year it really does seem like we are springing right into March, or maybe it’s just because Easter is early, and we are desperate to get rid of all these layers of clothing. While waiting is hard, preparing for warmer weather is not! Shop happy all month long with code: EGGHUNT and take 25% off your entire order.

In search of Pastel.

Spring is a season that allows us to be super girly. Those memories of early childhood where the color of preference would be pink, and fluffy come out once more. Wearing flowers in our heads is no longer a political statement, but a rebellion against the grayness that winter is soon gone. The paleness in our skin due to lack of sunlight works well with pastel colors and tulips will decorate Madison’s avenue. This collection is in memory of those simpler times, where having tea with your stuffed animals was always a hit, and everyone was invited. Shop Happy, and revisit your childhood.


"So in love with my beautiful necklace!! Jennifer's work is impeccable! I get so many compliments every time I wear it. She also custom made another necklace for me and brought my vision to life! Thank you, I look forward to buying many more things from you"

Angelica Martinez

"Delighted once again, Flor de Karonka! This is not my first purchase, and definitely won't be my last. Beautiful handmade products matched with personalized customer service. Highly recommended!!"

Catherine Cardozo