Golden threads

The inspiration behind this collection began on my last trip to Cali. I always knew that filigree was a local craft but I never really understood anything about its origins. 

I decided to take a little history lesson and find out about how this craft began in our country (whether it did or not), or simply how it found its way to our shores. 

Filigree literally means golden threads. This exquisite technique came to Colombia during colonial times, when the Spanish would take buckets of gold back to the crown. In fact it was in one city where this craft is renowned and that city is called Mompox. 

Back in colonial times, Mompox was a transit point for shipping precious metals to and from Spain. Due to the abundance of gold and other precious metals found in Colombia, many metal-smiths took the trip down and settled in this city and brought their centuries old techniques with them. One of these techniques was filigree. Today, this city is famous for their design and hand crafted filigree pieces. Its unique craftsmanship has been a tool of expression for many Colombian designers who use it often on the runway and in boutiques around the globe. 

I personally fell in love with the flexibility of this technique and the wonderful patterns that can be created. Since my main source of inspiration is nature and geometry, I decided to divide them into two categories: work and play. With some smaller pieces that can be worn to work every day, and also more elaborate ones that can be used for special occasions.