All tied up!

Life is full of changes and sometimes we face different paths along the road that make us feel overwhelmed. I am a true believer that having options is always a good problem to have, but I couldn't help feeling " All tied up" with choosing one path to take. 


This collection came from personal changes I made in my food choices. We decided to transition into a healthier life style by eating a more plant food based diet. With this in mind I have been looking for alternatives to leather and came across satin rope cord. I began experimenting with ways in which I could incorporate this material into my designs. 

Changes in food, bring about immediate changes to your emotional, and physical psyche. I went through significant changes to my digestive system, and with these modifications I also experienced intense mood swings. My collection also reflects these up some and downs, highs and lows, Some of which clearly affected my pieces as some of them are bulky and extravagant, and others are more plain and simple elements. All of which are tied together by this cord.